HÒA House


In the beginning, our team was intrigued by the peculiar site of this house, which is formed by two small lots joined by a juncture of over one meter in width. This bridge acts as an important connection of living spaces in the residence.

The brief requires the integration of three rooms for rent, which need to be easily managed by the owner yet having separated access. In addition, effective ventilation, natural lighting, and microclimate are also of top priority. In order to meet these challenges, our team has carried out careful research to come up with the optimal layout.

Being a designer himself, the owner greatly contributes to the interior design, completing his own house with a rustic palette of white paint, gray cement, and concrete along with red terracotta and stone. Another key feature of the design is skylights dotted with greeneries. These fill the spaces with natural light, a medium that unites all the different colors and materials of the design.

Design Team
Huynh Anh Tuan
Nguyen An Hoa
Nguyen Do Hoang Nam
Nguyen Xuan Truong

Phu Nhuan, Sai Gon, Vietnam

Site Area

Project Year

Hiroyuki Oki, Thiet Vu