2.5 House


The project relates to refurbishment of a house modestly located alongside one of Sai Gon alleys.

The site confines itself to 2.5 m depth and 6.5 m width. Although its scale is quite humble but with it the capacity of light utilizing and ventilation as it stretches alongside the narrow alley.

The inhabitants consist of 3 members of a young family. It makes sense for an interesting task as accommodating them with all their needs for a comfortable life in this cozy space .

The ground floor incorporates the family room, dinner room and the kitchen. In order to make these functions operate flexibly and maximize space utilizing, floor is raised to leave space under for storage and also serve as dinner bench for vertical lift table.

Upper floor and a mezzanine contain 2 bedrooms for the parents and child. Interior design concept aims to open-plan bedrooms in terms of good lighting and ventilation, along with broadening the space. Private space is enclosed by flexible sliding bamboo doors. In the bedroom, again, raised floor is used to leave space under for storage and entire vacant area above. All these are key factors that make the cozy space seems to be broader and lighter.

The client and architect coincidentally share the same interest in natural lighting and plants. This explains for half of the balcony is plant box, add little precious green color to the view from master bedroom.

The rest of balcony is hidden behind a patterned concrete block wall. This rigid veil allows the light to go inside but the sight from nearby neighbor.

Light well combines with automatic irrigation plant box on the roof together bring light and cast shadow over upper floor, also depict lush screen for the child’s bedroom.

The young clients, who have modern lifestyles and free minds, grant the architect the elimination of fence-like railing of stairs and so on other intricate details in order to wipe out all the space limits and lead them to harmonious combination.

Design team
Huynh Anh Tuan
Vu Thanh Tam

Tan Phu, Sai Gon, Vietnam

Project Area

Project Year
Aug 2015

Thiet Vu